FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 11/3/14 - The Internet

Men of Triathlon back for Movember, and they are sorry about that.

The movement that swept the triathlon world and clogged up your twitter feed for an entire month in 2013, is back. The Men of Triathlon announced today that they are again raising money for men’s health through another Movember campaign. They have added new professional triathletes to their roster, the ability for age groupers to join the team, and plans for a 2015 Calendar, unfortunately.

“It is with our deepest apologies that we announce we will, in fact, be doing a Men of Triathlon 2015 Calendar. We understand that 12 months of us in our mustaches is a terrible thing to put into the world, but no matter how much we tweet about it, we can’t seem to raise enough money for Movember without taking such drastic measures,” said an insider source who chose to remain anonymous because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the team.

But in a twist to last year’s calendar, the Men of Triathlon are allowing age groupers to participate as well. According to their website:

“Any person who - 1) joins our Movember team, 2) grows a mustache, 3) raises money, and 4) submits an awesome mustache pic - will be eligible to be in the calendar.”

However, the “Men of Triathlon Brain Trust,” at it’s own discretion, will decide how best to use, or not use, any submitted photographs in the calendar. It is unclear what criteria they will use, if any.

In addition to the “glorious” 2013 team of seasoned professionals, this year’s squad has added powerhouse professional triathletes like Terenzo Bozzone, Tim O’Donnel, TJ Tollakson, Trevor Wurtele, Tim “Budgy Smuggler” Reed and Callum Millward.

“We really just needed more guys who’s names started with a ‘T.’ Honestly, I think we overdid it. And I don’t really know how Callum ended up in there.” said another anonymous source.

The Calendar will be for sale at, but not until Friday, November 21st. “The point of this whole thing is to raise money for Movember. So we’d prefer people to donate directly to the charity through our team page first, then waste their money on our calendar at the end of the month.’”

Of course, just like 2013, all net proceeds from calendar sales will be donated to Movember in the team’s name. Last year, the Men of Triathlon raised over $10,000 for Movember, and they hope to significantly beat that number.

“Last year it was mostly us, our mom’s, and significant other’s who donated to the team & bought calendars for their friends. I think Matt’s mom bought like 20. We’re hoping to get more aunts, grandparents, even cousins to buy them this year. Who knows, maybe someone unrelated to us even!” the anonymous source said before looking off in the distance to contemplate the possibilities.  

For more information & the team’s full roster of professional athletes, visit or donate directly to their Movember team at