Unfortunately, We're Back for 2015.

12 Months of all-new Gloriously Mustached Triathletes for charity.

A few teaser images that may, or may not, be in the 2015 Calendar to get your heart thumping.

All Net Proceeds Benefit the Movember Foundation

*Calendar stock is running out quickly. Place your order today! Calendars will ship mid December.

The following video shows more reasons for you to buy our calendar besides charity and pity. 

*2014 images shown above because we're still taking our pictures in exotic locations with Hollywood film and photography professionals.

The 2015 Calendar will feature all new amazingly terrible poses from triathletes who have no business posing in front of a camera.

Our 2015 Professional roster includes: Terenzo Bozzone, Luke Mckenzie, Tim O'Donnell, Matt Lieto, Jesse Thomas, Ben Hoffman, Brandon Marsh, Chris Legh, Chris McDonald, Paul Matthews, Tyler Butterfield, Eric Byrnes, Trevor Wurtele, Callum Millward, Tim Reed, TJ Tollakson and Tim Berkel.


In our 2nd full season as a Movember Team, the Men of Triathlon are sucking a lot less at raising money than we used to. We've raised $21,446 thus far, and are  ranked #19 nationally.  If you're feeling frisky after viewing these photos and purchasing a calendar, please feel free to donate at our team page.